Booking a lab test with Well-Being V2 is quick and easy. Some of our wide range of laboratories tests includes Hemoglobin, Glucose, Blood Platelets count, Lipid profile, Thyroid profile, CRP, Serum Creatinine, Complete blood count, Fast Blood Sugar (FBS), Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) and many more. We also provide health packages for yourself and your family.

A full body check-up or a full physical examination is a general check-up of the whole body which is performed by the medical expert or a doctor. These health check-ups examine the basic system of the body. It includes an examination of the lung system, bone density test, kidney test, liver test, complete blood count, heart system, and nervous system. Many other tests are also included in the full body check-up. It is helpful as one gets to know about major or minor health issues. Check different packages for complete health checkup at Well-Being V2 and get upto 10% discount on booking. .