Dr. Mojjada Prasada Rao

Consultant Urologist, Andrologist / Sexologist & Transplant Urologist

M.S. (General, PGI - Chandigarh)
M.Ch. (Urology, BHU-Varanasi - Gold Medalist)

 Dr. Prasada Rao Mojjada is one of the renowed urologist in India. He completed his M.S. (General Surgery) P.G.I.M.E.R ,M.Ch. Banaras Hindu University.He is serving his patients with more than 24 years experience as Urologist and specialist in kidney related problems at Visakhapatnam. He keeps himself busy by attending all urological conferences and workshops every year to keep himself updated in the field of Urology.

Achievements in the field of Surgery :

  1. Recipient of the prestigious “Eagle Medical System Travel Fellowship for the Postgraduates” for the year 2005-2006, by the North Zone Urological Society of India.
  2. Secured Second best prize at Marudhar Jodhpur best prize session for the paper “Efficacy of Zoledronic Acid to prevent bone mineral loss in carcinoma prostate men receiving androgen deprivation therapy” in North Zone chapter of Urological Society of India, September, 2005 at Srinagar. 
  3. Recipient of the prestigious “Late G.M.Phadke Travelling fellowship” for the year of 2006-2007 by the Urological Society of India.
  4. Published a book “M.C.Q in Urology”-M. Prasada Rao, Paras Publishers,Hyderabad,2004.
  5. His work on ”Live donor renal transplantation with vascular anamolies: Initial Experience from an up-coming centre” has been accepted for presentation in advanced session for presentation in British Renal Sciences, Manchester June 2004

Your Doctor’s Area of Expertise:

Dr. Prasada Rao Mojjada treats a wide spectrum of genitourinary disorders.Below listed are some of the commonly treated ailments. Click on the links for a detailed study on these disorders.

    1. Hematuria : Presence of red blood cells in Urine.It might be a sign of a kidney stone or a tumor in the Urinary tract.
    2. B.P.H.-Prostate Enlargement : Increase in the size of prostate in elderly or middle aged men.
    3. Urinary Incontinence : Involuntary leakage of Urine.
    4. Infertility : Biological Inability of a person to contribute to conception/fertilization
    5. Kidney Stones : Solid concretions of dissolved urinary minerals.
    6. Varicocele : Abnormal enlargement of the scrotal vein draining the testicles.
    7. Urological Cancers : Genitourinary cancers.
    8. Urinary Tract Infection(U.T.I.) : Bacterial infection in the Urinary tract.  

We practice all Endoscopic, Laparoscopic and Open surgeries for

Kidney,Ureter and Bladder stones

P.C.N.L,U.R.S.L,Cystolithotripsy,Laparoscopic stone surgeries e.t.c

Prostate problems

T.U.R.P for B.P.H

Stricture Urethra

Optical internal Urethrotomy

Various Urethroplasties
Cancer Surgeries for


No scalpel Vasectomy and Vasectomy reversal 

Varicocele Surgeries ( Microscopic, Laparoscopic, Open e.t.c) 

Reconstructive surgeries for Strictures, Bladder Cancers e.t.c 

Female urological surgeries like VVF repairs and Sling surgeries for stress urinary incontinence 

Pediatric Urology (children) for various urinary problems 

Cystoscopic examination

Kidney transplant surgeries 

AV Fistula

C.A.P.D for dialysis access